Miroslav Nisic and Nerses Ohanyan met at the Folkwang University of the Arts and work together to develop a repertoire from classical to crossover.

Not only with Beethoven, but also with Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart, the Armenian Nerses Ohanyan belongs tirelessly in the ring. In a virtuoso program that goes off, as well as stung by Al Hirt’s green hornet and electrified by Paganini, the free violinist.

Beatboxing is the art with which Nerses Ohanyan astonishes his listeners. Hip-Hop has reinvented this ancient percussion technique. But the percussionist Mann searches in vain for the Duo Nerses on stage. Because Nerses Ohanyan was, was only possible worldwide: imitate a rhythm machine with mouth, nose, lips and throat and thus self-beatboxing, self-determined while playing the flute.

When Nerses Ohanyan and Miroslav Nisić play hits of the baroque, classical and romantic with the accordion, he turns the evergreens into his own thing and makes them “green” like on the very first day. „Native Tongues“, a virtuoso piece for beatbox flute and older string orchestra, is of a more recent date, penned by the American Randall Woolfe – an adventurous composer with a sense of popular music.

And with a friendly tongue, the duo also brings one of the most popular flute hits of rock, Jethro Tull’s „Bourrée“, by Bachhalten, years old and yet musically timeless. In the spirit of every century, the Armenian-Serbian duo impresses the classics with their own sound, re-plays the familiar, boldly adapting, amazingly artistic and stirring music.

Since 2017, there is the Armenian-Serbian formation – Duo Nerses.

Nerses Ohanyan – Flute, Beatbox-Flute
Miroslav Nisic – Accordion